Answers on Communism

History: Why did the Soviet Union break up following its reforms where the hinese Communist Party has been able to stay in power?

1. A gradual shift from a traditional command economy, to a more open hybrid of capitalism and central planning has allowed for the CPC to test the waters, make adjustments and adapt to a globalized economy.

the USSR was an errant empire Discount Panthers Nike Jerseys China Online Save Up To 50% taken to whim and fancy, instead of prudent steps needed to shift away from agrarian/industrial economies to one more adaptable for modern markets.

2. The CPC rules over what is and has always been (with a few slight and often controversial areas) China.

the USSR brought together and in some cases forced nations in its near abroad to join its struggle; there isn glue strong enough to hold nation states together for extended periods of time.

3. The CPC has avoided military adventurism, as well as head on clashes with the West (post Mao).

the USSR rode into the world looking to leave its mark, while ignoring more pressing domestic issues.

4. The stewardship of Deng Xiaoping following the Mao area allowed for a strong Panthers nike jerseys online reformed minded leader to set a vision for China emergence.

the constant change in leadership during the 70s and 80s created a situation where too many in the USSR had a say in the direction of the empire at one point or another.

China: What is the best general description of the Chinese Panthers nike jerseys cheap economic system?

China is a socialist country, run by the Communist Party (CPC), which subscribes to a system of statesponsored capitalism.

Panthers nike jerseys china Vital Industries

The petroleum, telecommunications, banking etc industries are dominated by State Owned Enterprises (SOE).

SOEs do the bidding of the gov take in huge profits (compete against one another) and when in a bind are under written for loss or subsidized.

With a massive influx of cash at the national level (provincial and local level areas of China are drowning in debt), the government can afford to play ball.

The SOEs are where the CPC and business come together to ensure a steady economic ship.

Private Enterprises Panthers nike jerseys wholesale

As to the extent an organization can be private in a communist country (don fall victim to the notion that China is anything other than Communist, it not) there are.

Mining, shipping, manufacturing, textile companies are often family run organizations which began during the late 80 and 90 as China realized its potential as a cheap labor juggernaut.

China is now more of a Eurosocialist country in which sectors such as telecoms, transport and construction are reserved for exclusively government participation. The private sector does thrive in many other areas but even in retail where prices are supposed to be set by the market the local government sets minimum prices to protect weaker manufacturers, usually SOE As a result the market is not allowed to do its creative destruction thing and reward the more efficient. Thus high employment is maintained but high prices Panthers nike jerseys from china reduce the standard of living. The vast majority of SOE have become joint shareholding public companies but that does not necessarily take them out of the realm of government control. One assumes most of the board are party members.

Only under Marx ideal communism does full equality prevail. From each according to his ability, to each according to his need. Under socialism it is still necessary pay on a merit basis. And under Socialism with Chinese characteristics of course it is necessary to reward those with creativity and initiative with more than those who are simply drones. Only then will Chinese work to their full capacity.