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Tibet: Why have untruths about China treatment Cheap NFL Raiders Jerseys Wholesale of Tibet continued and why do we continue to believe Tibetans when facts support other views?

When you write believing Tibetans, I assuming you mean the "Tibetan" exile government in India, since the vast majority of people belonging to the Tibetan ethnic group still lives in China, and actually support the abolishment of the serf system and the ongoing economical development.

The Tibet issue is one of the USA and largely the West stronger leverage points against China (Taiwan, human rights Cheap NFL Raiders Jerseys China are some others) that can be used in negotiation. Naturally, it a card that will be played as long as it available.

The Dalai Lama administrative organisation received payments from the CIA in the 60 [1] the purpose of which was to destabilize the communist regime in China. It unclear whether or not he is still paid, but since he is no longer contesting the Chinese sovereignty over Tibet in recent years points to the fact that he isn under (as much) CIA control NFL Raiders Jerseys Wholesale as before. He is also not as influential among exile Tibetans as before.

Although we now see more and more neutral (and sometimes even positive) news on China in recent years, let not forget that just 1020 years ago, all Western news on China was negative. China was strictly communist back then, and the news was negative due to ideological warfare. As Cheap NFL Raiders Jerseys an example, whenever China leaders would be mentioned, it would be Chinese Dictator Jiang Zemin, whereas the title President is used almost exclusivel. (more)Loading.