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Beijing: How bad is the pollution in Beijing (from the perspective of a foreigner living in Beijing used to cleaner air conditions) as of March/April 2013?

in 2008, they were limiting pollution output specifically for the Olympics. They moved a bunch of factories out of the Beijing area, and cleaned up the rest. Once that was over there was less need to save face with the international audience, and they don really mind poisoning their own citizens, so they let cheap Broncos nike jerseys it all get back to the way it was. Also it seems to be worse in the winter, because they are burning lots of coal to maintain an inefficient government provided central heating system.

Corporate Social Responsibility: I working on a syllabus for a course at Tshinghua Business School, Beijing on: "Business Ethics, CSR, Sustainability and Impact Investing: key elements for business entrepreneurship and leadership in rebuilding the world." Any advice? Thanks!

I think its going to be a hard sell to have that class. is this for grad students or undergrads? in the English curriculum or the Mandarin? I would thing that a course like this would appeal more to exchange students than Chinese students, or Chinese students focused on international business.

Chinese People: Why do many Chinese restaurants don have any window?

I think I see this condition far more often in the US than in China. I been thinking through all the regular places I went to in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and else where in my travels, and I pretty sure there were windows in most if not all. and I went to some pretty back alley kind of joints as well as high end places. Even Chuan Ban in Beijing, as old school as you can get, has some windows, I remember staring at people food through the window when I had my 45 minute wait.

On the other hand, in my hometown near Boston, 3 of the 4 most popular chinese places in town have no windows. The 4th one only installed windows in renovation in the last 5 years.

Beijing: Where can you get cheap avocados in Beijing? cheap Broncos nike jerseys wholesale

I not sure how much they might be Broncos nike jerseys free shipping these days, but you can check the produce and meat market at San yuan li, I don remember the exact location, I think it might be on xin yuan lu. its definitely to the south of san yuan chao.

I also used to shop at a produce and meat market on chunxiu lu. they caterer a bit to westerners because there are enough of them near living there. its kind of across the street from a korean restaurant in an alley. that might be a place to try.

I assume you have checked April gourmet, but I would expect that they are charging alot.

What are the best resturants in Wudaokou?

My friend Josh would be disappointed if I didn mention his bar, Lush, on the south west corner of the main crazy intersection. They are a burger specialist, and are open 24/7 and serve breakfast all day. He would also remind me to mention his pizza place, Pyro Pizza, about 300 meters south of Lush, and in the basement below the 711. Its Broncos nike jerseys china hard to get any decent American Style pizza in the Jing, but Pyro and its cousins Gungho Pizza, do a pretty good job. if you you want Japanese, go in the building with KFC (see Cyrus post) and go to the 6th floor to the Japanese place there and get ready for good grilled meat and sake.

Beijing: Where are the 2013 New Broncos Nike Jerseys Wholesale With Cheap Price must visit spots in around Beijing?

I agree with Shlomo. there are great hutongs between Gulou north street going east to Beixingqiao and to the north of Gulou East st, up to 2nd ring road. there are lots of local food places, I would suggest you find a place to get a whole roasted lamb leg (about 4 kgs). there are also great whole in the wall bars and coffee shops, and some new kitschy kinds of boutiques. In the middle this area, there is also Beiluoguxiang and Nanluoguxiang walking streets.